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electroglas 4090u+ wafer prober
electroglas EG6000 wafer prober
electroglas 4080 wafer prober
electroglas 2001 wafer prober

Superior Electroglas Used Probers

We supply QUALITY REFURBISHED Electroglas Wafer Probers. EG2001, 4080, 4090 and EG6000 refurbished probers are available. Rather than just blowing off the dust and cycling some wafers, we take a comprehensive approach to the refurbishment process. CPS Probers are truly refurbished and are significantly higher quality than pre-owned or used Probers available from the competition. 

  • Complete functionality check

  • Board replacement where necessary

  • Re-lapped platen

  • Repainted skins

  • Repainted ring carrier

  • FLR Verification

  • Complete 48-hour burn-in

Our industry professionals have over 100 years of Electroglas specific prober experience combined. Customers rely on our quality refurbishing and quick delivery. Our reliable supply chain and unmatched industry build experience ensure your money is well spent.

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