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wafer prober in production
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Service Visits, Annual Service Contracts and On-Call support

Complete Probe Solutions provides a litany of Electroglas prober service. Services provided follow factory procedures and conform to OEM specifications. Annual Service contracts are available which provide priority response to PROBER DOWN situations. We stock a vast amount of OEM parts so we can respond quickly to your needs.

  • Comprehensive contracts for full service support

  • Telephone support contracts

  • Prober parts

  • Operator training

  • Maintenance training

  • Application Support

  • Process transfer

  • Efficiency improvement consultation

  • Uptime improvement consultation

Keep your Electroglas prober in top working condition with a CPS recommended annual preventative maintenance service. This service cleans and lubricates vital assemblies like the Z stage. Once this is done the assembly is re-assembled, new leveling pads are installed and the chucktop is planarized to factory specifications. Wafers are then cycled to check for any handling issues and tool points are adjusted if needed.

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