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APEX - Automatic Prober Expertise

Complete Probe Solutions Inc. manufactures the APEX brand state-of-the-art 200mm wafer probers. The defining feature of the APEX prober is the remote control capability. Imagine operating your prober from the comfort of your office, rather than gowning up for the clean room. APEX probers incorporate live-video and joystick-like movement control. Load a wafer source and do every other function remotely. APEX is offered as a new prober or as an upgrade to Electroglas 4090 series probers. Learn more.

APEX's powerful software is ideal for production environments with flexibility unmatched by industry competitors. Laboratories will appreciate APEX adaptability when creative probing is required. Modular hardware minimizes control components.

Wafer chuck planarity in graphical topographic coloring

High speed and high throughput are hallmarks of APEX design. 125mm to 200mm wafer sizes are standard with kits available for handling 75mm and 100mm wafer sizes as well. Custom 2-piece chucks are available for easy changeover from unique chuck designs to standard wafer.

APEX prober front view

In business since 2009, Complete Probe Solutions is your reliable source for spare parts, service and support of legacy Electroglas products. While APEX is a superior product, CPS can also supply top quality refurbished Electroglas probers and Electroglas prober upgrades, if required.

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