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Gel-Probe Sheets tailored to fit inline cleaning pads from prober manufacturers like TEL, Accretech and Electroglas.
Gel-Probe Wafers to provide inline cleaning solutions for large probe arrays from makers like Form Factor and Technoprobe

Introducing Gel-Probe, a cutting-edge solution for thorough probe tip cleaning, available in both abrasive and non-abrasive formulations. Specifically engineered to address the needs of semiconductor probe cards, Gel-Probe offers tailored versions to ensure optimal performance and longevity of probe tips. The abrasive version utilizes gentle yet effective abrasive particles to thoroughly remove stubborn contaminants without compromising the integrity of delicate probe tips. Meanwhile, the non-abrasive version provides a gentle cleaning solution, ideal for routine maintenance and  applications where preserving probe tip lifespan is paramount. Both formulations feature Gel-Probe's proprietary elastomer gel technology, designed to adhere to particles and lift them away, leaving probe tips ready for optimal functionality with minimal Cres. Elevate your inline or offline probe card maintenance routine with Gel-Probe, the trusted choice for thorough probe tip cleaning.


Elevate your cleaning routine with Gel-Probe, the trusted choice of major probe card manufacturers for precision and reliability in probe card maintenance.

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