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The Apex Retrofit for Electroglas 4000 series wafer probers

APEX GUI home screen
Screenshot 2023-08-09 103041_edited.jpg

A 4-8 inch (optional 3-8 inch) fully automatic wafer prober from Complete Probe Solutions. If you have any Electroglas 4090 series wafer prober you can now make it like new and better than before with the APEX upgrade package.


Derived from the new APEX wafer prober, Complete Probe Solutions now offers a retrofit package that includes:


A new Display Control module with a high performance motherboard.


  • Windows 10/11 Operating system

  • APEX™ prober control software

  • Full remote control for monitoring production, creating set-up files and performing diagnostics

  • SSD, and front accessible USB header


Prober Control Module


  • New , high reliability (MTBF>10K hours) Forcer module and Zmac board that replace all legacy boards in your Prober control Module

  • CAN bus architecture and drastically reduced cabling provides an in depth level of troubleshooting

  • New DPS and Alignment cameras

  • New LED illuminators

  • Advanced wafer Alignment capability

  • Recalibration of your motor platen to +/- 3 um accuracy is included

Looking for additional capacity? APEX can be ordered as a new prober as well

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